Haurvatat (Liquid Assets) 36×48 Oils on Canvas

Haurvatat is the Zoroastrian Amesha Spenta of Wealth, Prosperity and Water. Amesha Spentas are the Bounteous Immortals, the seven divine beings representing gifts and virtues, things to be hoped and prayed for. She is often paired with Ameretat, who governs the plants. this relationship is often seen as indivisible.
“Haurvatat and Ameretat shall smite both hunger and thirst; Haurvatat and Ameretat shall smite the evil hunger and the evil thirst.” (Zamyad Yasht, v.96, Darmesteter translation)
Despite being one of the better known amesha spentas today, Haurvatat was not always well realized or described, leaving me with a great deal to explore and imagine.
I painted Haurvatat with liquid wings. the shape is representative of the classic artwork of the Zoroastrians and the bowl echoes the artwork of the time. the wings show her tie with water and with nature, with the renewal of life and the flow of nature. the bowl represents wealth and prosperity.


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