Kokobiel (watcher of the stars) – 36×48 Oils on Canvas


Kokabiel is a Jewish watcher angel listed in the book of Enoch. The watchers number some two hundred with twenty leaders over ten each. The leaders have various tasks and pervues, months, days of the week and seasons. In many ways they seem to fill the lesser pantheistic roles and needs. As different to the Christian grigori, these angels are largely considered to be fallen, however fallen in this respect means that they went to earth to take human brides. Kokobiel is sometimes considered to be a holy angel as well and commands over three hundred thousand spirits.

Kokabiel taught astrology to his fellow angels. He is known as the angel of the stars and his name means ‘star of god‘. There is debate between different rabbinical groups about whether lower angels had wings or not or whether they even took corporeal form. With that in mind I designed Kokabiel to be almost insubstantial, lit by the shining light of the stars which compose his wings. The wings in this piece are more conceptual than literal, feathery wings.

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