Houri (Waiting) – 36×48 Oils on Canvas

The Houri is another islamic angel. Houris inhabit the seventh level of heaven and have red blue and gold wings, inky black tresses and gold and white headdresses. their eyes are downcast and they forever kneel offering praises to Allah. There is also a belief that Houris are rewards for the holy. in that light I have depicted her waiting for a lover she did not choose. it is expressly said in Islam that angels do not have reproductive organs or belly buttons, but it is also colloquially said that the navel is a sensual area so this houri has a navel hollow without a belly button. her headdress is based on Islamic geometric patterns and the spines in her wings are gold. her wings appear to be more ornamental to me rather than functional, a part of her charm but also part of her prison.

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