Jibril (emerging from the sea of light) – 36×55 Oils on Canvas

The third of the big three (Raphael, Michael and Gabriel or Jibril), I have chosen to paint Jibril in his Islāmic incarnation. The story that inspired me to paint this work tells how every evening Jibrail  dives into a sea of light.  As he emerges he shakes away the drops of light from his six unfolded wings. Each droplet grows into a new angel giving praise to Allah.

The medium and larger drops of water in this work each reflect a tiny angel in them representing the birth of new angels. I suspect I will revisit this theme over and over again.

3 thoughts on “Jibril (emerging from the sea of light) – 36×55 Oils on Canvas

    1. Thanks Darren! I really appreciate your comment! This piece was one of the most challenging concepts I’ve ever approached, I’m really glad it’s been well received 🙂

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