Provocaré festival at Artboy Gallery

ne stands with a phone on a very neutral plane. nym's leg is cocked and nym's face is clearly visible in the phone looking at the viewer. Ne has lip gloss on and a davidian frame.
Ne – 24×24″ Photographic Print on MDF with Augmented Reality Installation

My Recursion works will be exhibited alongside Marc-o-Matic’s amazing AR creations at ArtBoy Gallery during the Provocaré festival from July 20 – 30

Join an art walk to see all of the amazing creations on offer during Provocaré or visit the gallery any time between those dates to see the works in action! Marco and I will be talking about our works during the walks, it’s a great opportunity to explore the future of art!

July 20-30

ArtBoy Gallery

99 Greville St, Prahran VIC 3181

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 10am – 6pm
Sat: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 11am – 4pm


Step into the world of tomorrow where galleries of the not-too-distance future showcase art that, at first glance, is not what it seems.

As part of the inaugural Provocare Arts Festival, ArtBoy Gallery is proud to present two artists who are exploring the boundaries of technology, art and interaction with App-based artworks.

Fusing art with tech, Melbourne artists J. Rosebaum and Marc-O-Matic create Augmented Reality (AR) artworks that transform and spring to life right before your eyes with the aid of your device!

J. Rosebaum is an award winning contemporary figurative artist who’s Recursion project uses machine learning, programming, physics based render technologies and Augmented Reality to look at an entirely fabricated world of digital sprites yearning to be human.

These works explore the nature of gender, the evolution of humanity and Artificial Intelligence. Recursion is a celebration of technology. Every part of this project has been created by machine with the human hand of the artist obscured. J. is drawn to the notion that the figures exist in a world of their own; that they have a digital life in a digital world that our device allows us to glimpse into.

Marc-O-Matic is not a washing machine company but a multi-disciplined artist & animator. His affinity for art, storytelling, interactive technologies and immersive media is combined with knowledge on several creative practices and technical disciplines to create unique and engaging storytelling experiences.

As a recipient of 2016’s INDG Scholarship, Marco was invited to attend the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco and has since produced immersive creations that have been featured at 2016’s Melbourne International Games Week, St. Kilda Film Festival 2017 and Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017.

Step right up and take a journey into Marc-O-Matic’s phantasmagorical world of movement and sound featuring floating animal metropolises, inquisitive hermit crabs, trams that reconstruct themselves, and a carousel ride featuring the four seasons of Melbourne.


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