J. Rosenbaum

J. Rosenbaum

Contemporary Figurative Artist
J. Rosenbaum is a contemporary figurative artist working in 3D modeling and exploring the boundaries of technology and art. Their most recent work has been in exploring the nature of Non Binary Transness and their...
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Exhibitions and awards
2018 Beyond the Binary - Gasworks Art Park, Albert Park, VIC 2017 Beyond the Binary - Testing Grounds, Southbank, VIC Provocare Festival Augmented Reality Exhibition - ArtBoy Gallery, Prahran, VIC Midsumma Australia Post Art Prize - Fort Delta,...

Beyond the Binary

Inspired by classical art and ancient archaeological artifacts, J. Rosenbaum, winner of the 2017 Midsumma Australia Post Art Prize, uses augmented reality and machine learning to present printed and sculptural augmented reality works that move beyond the digital binary, beyond the gender binary to show that we aren’t constrained by our programming.

Beyond the Binary will be Showing at Gasworks Art Park in the Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery for Midsumma between Jan 17 and Feb 4 2018

Beyond the Binary Press Release


I am consumed by the concept of a cultural zeitgeist, by ideas that are so large they have been shared amongst countless cultures over the ages. I am fascinated by what makes us human. My artwork centers around our religions and faith, our history and archaeology, our genders and emotions.

No live humans are used in my works. I use the latest in 3D technology to explore the concept of humanity, posing, shaping, lighting and texturing my lifeless figures until they take on a life of their own. I then collaborate with my computer using Machine Learning and Augmented Reality to bring art alive through your devices. I unite the possibilities of the computer with the unlimited possibilities of human ability to explore humanity by looking at what makes us people. our emotions, our beliefs, our fears and the ways we treat each other.

My works are unashamedly nude, but not erotic or titillating. They capture movement, gestures, emotion and encourage an empathic reaction in the viewer. The nude body is a beautiful, sensual, expressive entity and the human condition- the sum total of our beliefs and historical achievements is eternally fascinating. The beauty of the human form and the emotion evident in each gesture are endless sources of inspiration.

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