Viewers will be able to explore these works at Testing Grounds over three days and watch the art and grounds come alive with traditional hung prints and artworks that exist only within the digital plane. The works will use Machine Learning, 3D rendering and Augmented Reality to explore the nature of non-binary transness and post humanity. Using 3D modeling, Mixed Reality and Machine Learning to explore these concepts is deliberate, it references how computers are moving beyond their coded binary to foray into Artificial Intelligence and my hope that our society will be able move beyond the need for a gender binary.

The 3D works will be Interactive, site specific and designed to work with markers and without. The experimental processes will be in the form a creating a custom Head Mounted Display and an app built off the back of Recursion. This work will expand on the work I have explored with Recursion and build further into location based works.

Beyond the Binary will be Showing at Testing Grounds for Melbourne Fringe between September 20-22