A mixed media exploration of Naiads, Dryads and Nereids from Greek and Roman mythology using augmented Reality, 3D modeling and neural networks to create modern interpretations of classical creatures of nature. Using the highly technological with the highly natural invites discussion about how at odds we are to the natural world and how we might use technology to better connect with the environment and assist our planet, that it need not be an either or thing but something to explore and evolve within ourselves. The creatures from mythology have long been a subject for painters and sculptors with a classical bent and the anthropomorphization of environmental concerns assists with the empathy towards the environment and its needs. By using machine learning and augmented reality through a mobile application interface I am seeking to grant the viewer an insight into a computers empathic reaction to our environment.

West End Art Space
Opening Saturday 5 May 2-4pm
More information here http://www.jennierosenbaum.com/event/unnatural/